This course will be taught in Spanish Essentials of Program Design  
How much learning should you do a week? Interesting question! I always ask a variant of how much time they dedicate to learning every week to my clients during their first interview. Because my rates are at the top of field, I often attract a well-off clientele of self-made millionaires, and I try to learn as
strength coach
Being a good strength coach means constant evolution, growth and learning This Christmas will mark the 38 year anniversary of receiving my first set of York weights and bench from my brother. I was a 14 year old freshman in high school. I followed the manual religiously. Little did I know that this would shape my
training program
The biggest mistake I have ever made is what in reality got me to be successful in strength coaching The mistake being – believing there was out there a “magical” training program that worked for every body, all the time, and for ever, as many coaches did back then. Although some experts promise a lifetime of continuous