How much learning should you do a week? Interesting question! I always ask a variant of how much time they dedicate to learning every week to my clients during their first interview. Because my rates are at the top of field, I often attract a well-off clientele of self-made millionaires, and I try to learn as
Is the seminar worth your money and time investment? This is the question you should ask yourself before signing up for a class. The ability to find the right mentors will determine your level of success. It is as simple as that. Learn the facts in this video: Finding the Right Mentors 101 To recap: Enter
Nowadays misinformation is rampant And while this is true in all fields, it is especially true in the field of strength and conditioning You see hardcore science guys duking it out with broscience lovers, and both of them ganging up on old-timers who just lift like their life depends on it. As much as I