low magnesium
Is magnesium deficiency halting your gains? To be valid, every hormone or mineral evaluation must be tested in the right compartment. Even if it is commonly prescribed, the serum magnesium test is a poor indicator of magnesium levels as serum magnesium represents only 1% of the body’s stores. Low serum magnesium indicates severe deficiency. Red blood cell magnesium
insulin sensitivity
To win the fat loss war you need to manage insulin. The more insulin sensitive you are, the better your chances.  Many things contribute to insulin sensitivity: training, single nutrients, exercise, lifestyle… You just can’t be lean and healthy without being sensitive to insulin. What is insulin sensitivity? Insulin sensitivity is simply how the body
Green Tea benefits
First brewed in China back in 2737 BC, green tea has a long history of use. Its major active component—epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCg) —is one of the most extensively studied polyphenols. A wide body of research backs up what East Asian grandmothers have known for generations… …A few cups a day might not keep the doctor away. But their
insulin sensitivity, Sensibilidad A La Insulina, Sensibilité à l'insuline
Study after worldwide study (and there were many this year) correlate the ramifications of sleep deprivation on insulin sensitivity. The jury was clear – sleep loss affects the body’s ability to match up the glucose-insulin response. Sleep isn’t always a priority, especially with the young population. Yet loss of sleep connects with insulin resistance without