twice a day workouts, deux séances par jour
For mass and strength, twice a day workouts are the way to go This is particularly true for a muscle group such as the hamstrings. To make sure you make the most out of each session however, there is a method to the madness. If you follow these guidelines for twice a day workouts, your
When I was a kid, hamstrings were called in bodybuilding magazines “leg biceps”. Most people only train what they can see in the bathroom mirror: biceps and pecs. What is fastest way to identify who is going to win at local bodybuilding show? Who has the biggest hamstrings! It shows in the quickest way who
hamstrings muscles
What Makes Effective and Result-Producing Hamstrings Training? For me, there are 9 crucial training paradigms that are relevant to hamstrings muscles training. Hamstrings Muscles Training Paradigm # 1: Train The Hamstrings As Both Knee Flexors And Hip Extensors By their kinesiological nature, hamstrings have two major functions: a) Knee flexion:bending the knee. This usually trained by
static stretching
Research demonstrated a long time ago the benefits of static stretching. More specifically, that stretching the antagonists potentiates the strength of the agonists. Swiss elite strength coach Jean-Pierre Egger was the first one to popularize this method when training elite shot putter Werner Günthör. So if you stretch the quadriceps statically between hamstring leg curls
range of motion
Increase the range of motion in your deadlift to pack on more muscle mass and get stronger I have always been a believer of longer range of motion to derive maximal benefits in the training room. I was first exposed to that concept by Canadian national team lifter Terry Hadlow. In the ’80, he was the only non-communist block weightlifter ranked