What you appreciate appreciates I am grateful for my team that supports me, and yet is willing to challenge my thinking: Patrick, Karin , Scott , Carlos, Sarah and Malcolm. To win, you need a solid team. I am grateful to my mentors and advisors Joe Polish, Tim Ferris, Brian Kurtz, Brendan Gahan, Nick Mitchell,
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During the last teaching tour with Dmitry Klokov, returning students commented often about the fact that I look much happier. Why? Despite all the stress that occurred in the last 12 months, I am happier than ever. How? By following this happiness action list and implementing these five habits: Happiness Action List – Item #
reduce stress
Stress increases heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders, sexual dysfunction, and gastrointestinal disorders. It suppresses the immune system and lowers Testosterone. Stress can lead to muscle loss and fat gain. Everyone is under stress. This is the norm, not the exception. As a result, our bodies tend to run on adrenalin and cortisol. That can be