This week I posted a few physique pictures to illustrate that staying lean is achievable after the age of fifty, and that you don’t have to lose your condition over time. The number of texts, emails and Whatsapp messages I received expressing they were inspired by the photos of my lean physique touched me. Many
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What you appreciate appreciates I am grateful for my team that supports me, and yet is willing to challenge my thinking: Patrick, Karin , Scott , Carlos, Sarah and Malcolm. To win, you need a solid team. I am grateful to my mentors and advisors Joe Polish, Tim Ferris, Brian Kurtz, Brendan Gahan, Nick Mitchell,
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Five Success Habits to Live By

Success is the product of many habits. Some have stated that there are over 500 of them In any case, practicing a few of them on a daily basis is a step in the right direction As I teach all over the World, eager students always ask me what my success habits are. Here is