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by Moritz Klatten, Champ Performance, Hamburg, Germany The benefits and risks of having young football players lift weights There is no question that weight training will make football players better. It will enable them to run faster, jump higher, and kick harder. It will also help reduce the risk of injuries and get football players back
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by Moritz Klatten, Champ Performance, Hamburg, Germany Although some footballers from the past were so individually gifted they would succeed in any era, today’s best football teams would mostly likely dominate the best teams of 30 years ago – even those of 20 years ago and perhaps even 10 years ago. Advances in nutrition and sports
bigger traps
Besides the competitive Olympic lifting exercises and their assistance exercises, one of my favorite exercises to develop the traps is the one-arm barbell shrug. This exercise is great for stimulating strength and size gains in the traps. It offers several advantages over conventional shoulder shrug exercises as well. Why is the one arm barbell shrug