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Not making yourself anabolic post exercise is great mistake for any type of athlete. Or anyone interested in strength and muscle gains for that matter. Once the work is done in the gym, recovery becomes your number one priority. This is why you need to put some thoughts into your post workout meal to replenish
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Contrary to what some would have you believe, carbs are not evil However, unlike other macro-nutrients, carbs should be earned. In any case, protein is the one macro-nutrient that should be prioritized as much as possible.  Not only because it’s an essential requirement for staying lean, strong and healthy. It also helps that it’s impossible to over-consume this macro.
Maximize your peri-workout nutrition Nutritional science has come a long way in recent years. There has been an on-going debate or quite some time in regards to the post-exercise “anabolic window” that occurs post weight training. The theory was that within a certain period of time after training, you had to get in your protein
Carbohydrates, carbs, starches Fats used to be evil, now they have been justly rehabilitated. In the U.S., polarization is the norm. Carbohydrates are no exception. Some people claim that the quality does not matter as long as you watch your calories. In other words, a blender drink of soft drinks, leftover pizza and a few Cadbury’s Turkish Delight
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Low Carb Eating Pros & Cons

I’m a big proponent of the rule that you have to deserve your carbs   Determining the right macronutrient balance has long been the source of debate.  Dr. Atkins and Di Pasquale were the most vocal advocates of the low carb approach, to the great dismay of the R.D.’s who preached 16 servings of grains
Shakes or solid food? Solid food is always better, but modern life does always allow us to have access to prepared food or even a blender, like when commuting. If you are relying on shakes for more than one feeding a day (usually post-workout), you will have a hard time reaching your bodybuilding and/or strength
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