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I always talk about the importance of a good breakfast, my favorite being the Meat and Nuts Breakfast™. The saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is very true. Not only will it sets your neurotransmitters for the remainder of the day, it will also give you energy and focus. If
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Guest blog by Paul Carter of Lift-Run-Bang.com This article is about seven months in the making So if I don’t bore you, which I do my best not to (like writing 6,000 word articles on something as trivial as butt wink), then I hope you’ll hang in there long enough to get through this one.
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Six Lessons on Building Large Arms from Larry Scott In respect to the giants who have taught me loads on training. In this part 2 of the series on learning from the Masters, I want to pay tribute to Larry Scott. Anyone who has studied the Iron Game for an extended period time know that
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It’s being said that our stress level is a hundred times that of our ancestors just a century ago With stress being called “the illness of the 20th century”, it’s no surprise that stress management is now a trend. And what’s worse, the 21st century doesn’t seem to fare better, stress-wise. Among the many methods put forth
Guest blog by Steve Fraser, USA Wrestling national coach I recently read the quote, “pressure is a privilege” by the great tennis player, Billy Jean King. It means that an athlete gets to experience the thrill of a big moment. If the big moment really did not matter then there would be no real thrill
Tea and coffee are always popular drinks, especially in the morning. But not everyone can enjoy them, for various reasons. In this video Strength Sensei talks about an healthy alternative. This beverage harnesses the goodness of guayusa. Making it an ideal drink for morning energy and alertness. Besides, it is certified organic and respects fair
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Transcendental Meditation® Is Definitely Something I Regret I Did Not Learn Earlier… Over the years, working with over 23 different sports, I was exposed to many sports psychologists and their takes on mind-building for sport. Transcendental Meditation®  was one of the tools proposed. If someone were to ask me “What is something you regret not having learned earlier?”,