By Mike Koskiniemi PhD – Motions Fitness Could The Day You Start On A Goal Influence Success? We all know how tough it can be to start and follow through on your goals. So knowing when is the best day to effectively start pursuing them can help, right? Research published in the journal Psychological Science
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A guest Blog by Designs for Health New study demonstrates how gut bacteria causes obesity According to a new study published in Nature, a research team from Yale has identified the mechanism in which gut dysbiosis leads to obesity. Scientists have already understood that the gut microbiome is associated with metabolic markers and type II
By Mike Koskiniemi PhD – Motions Fitness And it all began with one small win When Jim Meyer decided to lose weight and get in better shape, he weighed 311 pounds. When asked what made him decide to change, he said: “The day I couldn’t breathe when I bent over to tie my shoes.” Since
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Guest blog by Mike Mahler Reliable diet and exercise information is more accessible than ever before yet every year, Americans continue getting fatter. According to David Kessler, author of The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable Appetite, food manufactures purposely make food their foods irresistible by combining sugar, salt, fat and a pixie
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By Mike Koskiniemi PhD – Motions Fitness The Golden Rule of Long Term Physique Transformation When Wendy Penhale came to Motions Fitness she had a goal of losing 150 pounds. Her story is fairly common: “My big breaking point was having to get a seat belt extension for my flight to Aruba. I was ashamed
By Mike Koskiniemi PhD – Motions Fitness In her 42 years, Tammy Zeug has seen every dress size from 22 to 6 Looking through old photos, she would think to herself, “Is that really me?” When Tammy Zeug recently reached 100 pounds lost at Motions Fitness in Marquette Michigan, she had a simple message: “self-shame
As many of you know, I’m not a big fan of traditional long slow distance aerobic cardio, especially if it is done in the totally imaginary “fat burning zone.”  I’ve already explained why I think it is a waste of time and energy, but the arguments against cardio are more numerous than that. Here are

Cardio Without Cardio

If you’ve been following the Strength Sensei for long enough, you know he’s not a fan of steady-state cardio.  And neither am I. Largely because aerobic capacity is an inferior health and performance biomarker compared to strength and muscle, but also because it’s extremely inefficient. In a world where time is money, and we always
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„Skinny Fat“ ist ein Widerspruch in sich Wie ein unterbezahlter Anwalt oder ein hochintelligentes Cheerleader „Skinny“ wird meistens mit Untergewicht in Verbindung gebracht, während „Fat“ mit Übergewicht verbunden wird. “Skinny Fat“ bedeutet, dass jemand wenig Muskelmasse und gleichzeitig einen hohen Körperfettanteil hat. Grundsätzlich kein besonders gutes Argument in der Paarungszeit. Hier zeige ich euch vier
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El término “Flaca Gorda” es una contradicción. Al igual que un abogado que gane poco o una animadora de la sociedad Mensa. El término “flaco” generalmente se asocia con peso bajo, mientras que la gorda se asocia con el sobrepeso. “Flaca Gorda” se refiere a alguien con niveles inapreciables de masa muscular junto a un
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