I always talk about the importance of a good breakfast, my favorite being the Meat and Nuts Breakfast™. The saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is very true. Not only will it sets your neurotransmitters for the remainder of the day, it will also give you energy and focus. If
petit déjeuner viande et noix
Pour une composition corporelle optimale, optez pour un petit déjeuner qui alterne différents types de viande et de noix Pas encore convaincu de l’importance du petit déjeuner? Moi si! Pour preuve, une de mes phrases d’enseignement préférée en matière de diète est: « La première chose que vous mettez dans votre bouche le matin… en autant
Carbohydrates, carbs, starches Fats used to be evil, now they have been justly rehabilitated. In the U.S., polarization is the norm. Carbohydrates are no exception. Some people claim that the quality does not matter as long as you watch your calories. In other words, a blender drink of soft drinks, leftover pizza and a few Cadbury’s Turkish Delight
Tea and coffee are always popular drinks, especially in the morning. But not everyone can enjoy them, for various reasons. In this video Strength Sensei talks about an healthy alternative. This beverage harnesses the goodness of guayusa. Making it an ideal drink for morning energy and alertness. Besides, it is certified organic and respects fair