How much volume should one undergo for maximal results in the gym? I just posted on Facebook that I needed some subjects to write on. Ed Coan, multiple world record holder, multiple time world champion in powerlifting is actually the one who asked this question about volume. The question can only be answered if you
These are five tips from the Achieving Excellence in the Powerlifts given by Matt Wenning, Ed Coan, and myself After the first 3 hours of the powerlifting seminar, students were blown away about how much they learned And some of these had competed both the national and international level in powerlifting or weightlifting. 1. The position
strength building

Strength Building Done Right

Guest blog by powerlifting champion Ed Coan I have spend the last 40 years being obsessed about building maximal strength This lead me to win practically every single powerlifting contest once I reached national level This lead to winning World championships and doing over 70 World records.  Without sounding like a grumpy old man, here
exercise variations
Overuse of certain very effective exercises such as chin-ups can lead to pathologies similar to repetitive pattern conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Ego Lifting is the Enemy of Longevity One mistake I often see when applying the most bang for your buck exercise principle is that trainees only do the ones where they can use