Why customizing macro-nutrients is an individualization game It may come as a surprise to some, but my psychic abilities gravitate on the low side of the spectrum. And as much as I would like to answer your questions about your specific macro-nutrients ratios, the reality is that it is simply not possible. In all fairness,
physique preparation coach
Every single day, I get requests to train people for physique shows I turn people down every time Why? I prefer to recommend someone who does it full time. Even though I often do consults for the physique preparation coach, I rarely do them for the physique contestant.  Sometimes,  I do write programs to put
I get this question literally hundreds times a day: how does one solve the equation for proper ratio of carbs, fats and protein, in relation to proper caloric prescription? John Meadows has been working on that problem for a few decades. He actually, in collaboration with Frank Mingst, came up with this gem: Adjusting Meal
Nutrition by Paul Carter I am happy to announce that many of my top colleague will know contribute to my new guest blog “Two Things I Know for Sure”. Experts will give you information pearls of wisdom. Today’s first guest is Paul Carter on nutrition   1. It’s better to make a lifestyle change, than “diet”