Kinetic chain enhancement, kce
Kinetic Chain Enhancement – Squat & Deadlift Module   The Kinetic Chain Enhancement method combines a number of effective soft tissue techniques to primarily achieve the result of recalibrating muscle/fascia and connective tissue.
posterior chain
I often get this question in seminars: How wide should your feet be in the deadlift to train for a maximal load? The answer is simple: the stance has to fit YOUR best leverage mechanics.   How do you determine your best stance? Very simple. Set yourself like if you were going to jump vertically
ankle flexibility
Often, trainees are so inflexible in the ankles that they can’t can keep their heels on the ground while squatting or even deadlifting. In this case, you may want them to stretch thoroughly their gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. Don’t let poor ankle flexibility limit your performance on squats and deadlifts. First, take a marker of
range of motion
Increase the range of motion in your deadlift to pack on more muscle mass and get stronger I have always been a believer of longer range of motion to derive maximal benefits in the training room. I was first exposed to that concept by Canadian national team lifter Terry Hadlow. In the ’80, he was the only non-communist block weightlifter ranked