Kinetic chain enhancement, kce
Kinetic Chain Enhancement – Chinning and Pressing Module The Kinetic Chain Enhancement method combines a number of effective soft tissue techniques to primarily achieve the result of recalibrating muscle/fascia and connective tissue.
biceps training
I asked fans on my Facebook Page what they thought were the most common mistakes when training the biceps. The possibilities are numerous, and there was many valid answers. Here are the top 5 biceps training mistakes I noticed from 37 years in the field 1 . Training biceps with only the supinated grip Most of the time, biceps
women strength training
I get this question of a weekly basis: “Should women train the same way as men do?” There are different schools of thought on this. So I’ll weigh in on this using physiology and my experience with training a great number of champions in various disciplines for both sexes. The short answer is yes, women should
wide back
I asked on our Facebook Group which exercise is best for a wide back: wide-grip pull-ups or chin-ups? Let’s look at the primer movers of both exercise. The two main muscles which contribute to create a wide back are the teres major and the lats. They have two main functions: 1. Shoulder extension: bringing the
Chin-up; Facilitation Post-Tétanique
It is often said that the squat is the king of exercises. True. As far as the upper body is concerned, chin-ups are head and shoulders above the rest. Being able to do 20 strict bodyweight chin-ups used to be a cornerstone of strength trainees in the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Nowadays, a lot of
grip training
You may well be wondering what a piece of metal shaped like a dog’s chew toy can do for your grip training? Well, this deceptively simple piece of equipment allows for excellent chin-up variations. This will take your grip training and strength levels to whole new levels. Indeed, it is a great tool with which to exercise in