pec deck
Q: What are your thoughts on the pec deck. Is it any good? A: I receive this question a lot, since I don’t include the pec deck machine much in my programs.  But to answer the question: yes, I do recommend people use it… sparingly. It does not have a lot of athletic carry-over though,
heavy-light hypertrophy program
In this article I will give you a great workout to increase muscle mass on the chest and back. I know this training method works because I’ve used it with my clients. I can also assure you it is not the “single best chest and shoulder workout”. Simply because there is no such thing. The
rotator cuff
Q: How do you integrate rotator cuff training in a training split? When you say you added rotator exercises on a 5 day cycle did you mean do two rotator exercises every single day? And what would your training split be? Would I still work my chest, and what about back? I really want to
chest workout
Most bodybuilders train chest with barbell bench presses, followed by some type of incline press, followed by some type of dumbbell flye, and then finishing with either cable crossover’s or pec deck flyes or pullovers. Ed Corney, 1972 IFBB Mr. America and 1972 IFBB Mr. Universe, had an all dumbbell routine for chest that worked
dumbbell pullovers
The cross-bench dumbbell pullover is a great exercise that works the lats, pecs, serratus, and even the triceps to some degree. It is also a great transition exercise if you work pecs and lats in the same workout. Three-time Mr. Olympia/Mr. Universe Frank Zane did a lot of these and had fantastic serratus development. Arnold