A Guest Blog by Designs for Health Fish Oil and Vitamin D – The Serotonin Power Team Many studies have demonstrated that fish oils and vitamin D help improve cognitive function, but what exactly is the mechanism of action? In an article just published in FASEB Journal, serotonin is described as the possible missing link, explaining
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Make sure you optimize your brain to make the most out of life Nowadays, the need for performance is everywhere.  This is true even in health-conscious individual. Heck, I have already started looking into adrenal graft for my staff. This is why optimizing brain performance is a crucial knowledge to develop. Brain fog is one
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Guest blog by Designs for Health High-carbohydrate foods are rewarding to the mouth Biting into a glazed donut, with the subtle crunch of the sugar coating giving way to soft, pillowy dough underneath, can instantly transform a mind-numbing work meeting into a temporary visit to one’s proverbial “happy place.” (That is, until the guilt sets
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Chasing progress means that you push the envelope daily and ideally pre workout supplements can lend a helping help in the process. The best pre workout formulas work their magic either via strength or muscle endurance enhancement. This boost effect can be achieved through 3 different pathways: The Adrenal pathway The adrenal bias is an effective
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Is Neck Training Important?

Short answer? Yes! Long answer? Yes, neck training is important! Neck training is critical for the following cases: – All contact sports where blows to the head are common, such as ice hockey, rugby, American football, and virtually all martial arts. A strong neck diminishes the severity of concussions as it minimizes in brain rattling
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When it comes to food intake, your frontal cortex is overrated for making the right decision. Your body is in the driver’s seat. Your brain gets fooled easily. Why do you think the food industry invests so much in colors? To find out, a study in France had various fruit yoghourts tasted by blind and
Green Tea, White Cup
Need more working memory ? Green tea may be the solution Green tea is age-old food that had deep roots in asian pharmacopea. And for good reasons. It offers a plethora of positive effects to the body, from increased fat metabolism to antioxidant activity. Science is showing that ancient wisdom was right to prescribe it in
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Saving your Brain with a Simple At-home Medical Test Free radicals can wreck havoc on brain health. What’s worse, you may be losing an important health battle without knowing it. If you are concerned about this, you can find out the answer easily. One of the best preventive measure for optimal brain health and performance