Kinetic chain enhancement, kce
Kinetic Chain Enhancement – Chinning and Pressing Module The Kinetic Chain Enhancement method combines a number of effective soft tissue techniques to primarily achieve the result of recalibrating muscle/fascia and connective tissue.
No matter how effective an exercise is, overuse can keep you from gaining strength and muscle mass Worse, even great lifts like chin-ups can lead to pathologies similar to repetitive pattern conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. One mistake I often see when applying the most bang for your exercise principle is that trainees only do the ones
bench press lockout
An eleven week cycle to solve issues in the bench press lockout More often than enough, trainees fail to make their lift in the bench press by having poor locking out ability In this article I will outline how to break through bench press lockout problems. I will use a Jeet Kune Do approach to
triceps post exhaustion
About the workout: Understanding the triceps post exhaustion routine In this video Charles R. Poliquin, the Strength Sensei shows you one of the best triceps workout you can do to put on size and mass, the triceps post exhaustion routine. It works like this: Do a compound most bang for your buck exercises like the
grip width
There is some debate on which muscles are most involved in the bench press depending on the grip width. I am going to present what the research AGREES on: A very small change in grip (1-2 cm) can significantly alter the recruitment percentage of the prime movers. Any experienced trainer can attest to that, as