Kinetic chain enhancement, kce
Kinetic Chain Enhancement – Chinning and Pressing Module The Kinetic Chain Enhancement method combines a number of effective soft tissue techniques to primarily achieve the result of recalibrating muscle/fascia and connective tissue.
No matter how effective an exercise is, overuse can keep you from gaining strength and muscle mass Worse, even great lifts like chin-ups can lead to pathologies similar to repetitive pattern conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. One mistake I often see when applying the most bang for your exercise principle is that trainees only do the ones
Post-Exhaustion triceps workouts
About the triceps workout: Understanding the post-exhaustion routine In this video Charles R. Poliquin, the Strength Sensei shows you one of the best triceps workout you can do to put on size and mass, the post-exhaustion routine. It works like this: do a compound most bang for your buck exercises like the triceps dips for