functional hypertrophy, hypertrophie fonctionnelle
Le physique n’est pas toujours représentatif de la force, et vice-versa. Les culturistes peuvent bien être énormes, mais la plupart du temps, la force ne suit pas. Ils ne se concentrent que très rarement sur l’hypertrophie fonctionnelle. Ce genre de programme n’est vraiment pas la norme pour eux. En fait, j’ai pu voir trois concurrents
functional hypertrophy, hypertrophie fonctionnelle
The physique does not always represent the power it is supposed to be capable of, and vice-versa. As much as a bodybuilder looks jacked, more often than not he is not nearly as strong as you might think. They rarely if ever focus on functional hypertrophy. In fact, I’ve seen three Mr. Olympia contestants, in
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successful lifters
Success always leaves clues. Over the last 36 years I have worked as a strength coach, I have met/coached many successful strong athletes. Here is what they had in common: 1. They value rest. Last week I had dinner with perennial World Powerlifting Champion Ed Coan; he revealed to me that he naps on a daily