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by Moritz Klatten, Champ Performance, Hamburg, Germany The benefits and risks of having young football players lift weights There is no question that weight training will make football players better. It will enable them to run faster, jump higher, and kick harder. It will also help reduce the risk of injuries and get football players back
by Moritz Klatten, Champ Performance, Hamburg, Germany An advanced training method to take fighters to the next level of athletic fitness In bodybuilding, the toughest body part to train is said to be the calves. The reason is that they are constantly working throughout the day. So in order to make them grow you have to
advanced strength athletes
Everybody makes mistakes. Even the most advanced strength athletes make some. I would say the most common ones are the following, not in any particular order. #1. Addiction to one or many exercises. They are the type that thinks that every chest workout must begin with the bench press and every lat workout starts with the lat