Tyrosine, an important amino acid you may not know about Like almost any nutrient, be it a vitamin, mineral, or botanical extract, amino acids are best introduced to the body via whole foods. In this way, they typically come packaged along with complementary and accessory nutrients that facilitate their absorption and fulfillment of their biochemical
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How Much Protein is actually needed? Do I need to buy protein powder? Is whey better than casein? Should I pay extra for isolate or hydrolysate? How much should I take? These are just a few of the many questions surrounding post-workout nutrition.  And unfortunately, with the availability of inflated and conflicting information online, finding a reliable
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Excerpted from Live It, NOT Diet! by Mike Sheridan. Meat is not only a great food, it is also one that brings a lot of important health benefits Nutrition pioneers, like Vance Thompson, Alfred Pennington, and Vilhjalmur Stefannson, were supplying undeniable proof in the early 1900’s that eating predominantly animal protein in the form of meat and
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Starting in 1992, I made it an habit to keep near my work space a “secret high calorie jar.” This convenient and healthy snack is basically a mixture of nuts and dried fruits. If I get delayed for a meal, I reach in and take two handfuls from the pre-mixed jar, usually a recycled protein
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Vegan clients typically score poorly on some vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Here is the list based on comprehensive metabolic profiles and amino acid profiles. B12 Zinc Carnosine Taurine and of course carnitine. Therefore, you can maximize your vegan clients’ training response by supplementing those nutrients that will satisfy the bodily needs which the vegan diet