SWIS 2015

Take Away from SWIS 2015: Three Actionable Tips

Leaders in every field tend to be information junkies.

However, it is normal we store away information we learned until something clues it back to your short-term memory. I had the pleasure to teach again at SWIS 2015 for Ken Kinakin. While attending some of the lectures and visiting the exhibit hall, a few things came to back to mind.

Those things will certainly help the quality of your life and training:


The anti-aging effects of neck training

At SWIS 2015, I got to see many colleagues I had not seen in years. Some have aged terribly, some still look great. One thing I learned from Brooks Kubik of Dinosaur Training fame years, was the importance of neck training in preserving a youthful appearance. Kazmaier and Tate are great examples on how neck training has kept them looking young. Some of my colleagues who lost plenty of neck size had aged far  more.

hand-389120_640Note to self: keep training neck once every five days.




The importance of treating scars

Scars impede strength. Annette Verpillot and Ken Kinakin have demonstrated to me in diverse ways. André Benoit brought my attention to a new device called the Dolphin that was sold at the conference.  It treats scar tissue, and can be used to stimulate healing acupuncture points. I tried a treatment and was very impressed. To the point I immediately bought one. Yesterday, I trained chins and dips, on the chins my chin much further above the bar.

hand-389120_640Note to self: great purchase, treat scars twice a week for the next 8 weeks.



For more info on the Dolphin device, click here



Isometric holds for hypertrophy

John Meadows lectured on his Mountain Dog approach to hypertrophy training to him. Listening to him, I remembered how and why isometric holds to prolong time under tension is a great way to boost size and strength. Works best in the last rep typically during the eccentric lowering. Your partner applies carefully additional resistance at certain joint angles, and you do your best to prevent the resistance from moving. It is especially good when training flexors like during leg curls.


hand-389120_640Note to self: do it every second workout for a given body part.



The information given above will help you break through plateaus.

Enjoy the results,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin