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A large majority of trainees, past the two-year mark are extremely frustrated about their lack of progress in the gym. They are barely in shape enough to attend the condo pool party, in their beach wear no one actually notices or remarks that they train. Heartbreaking, it makes them want to say, “fuck it, I am just going to eat donuts!”

I hear you, and I understand you.

What can alleviate this frustration?

Cutting edge education.

This is why I created the Dojo of Strength. My travels have taken me into 74 countries. I hear it all the time, because of the Internet, people recognize me, and after asking for a picture, they always want to sneak in a question. Why? They are frustrated because of the confusion that the media creates. There are so many Twatwaffles who claim they can coach you to better results. Yet, they have zero qualifications outside of a large following on Instagram, the following being bought for on Mommy’s credit card….

After having produced Olympic and World Championship medalists in 23 different sports, and World/Olympic Record holders in 14 sports and hearing the feedback on regular gym owners that is was time for me to solve people’s training problems in a clear, precise, fail-free manner.

Who should sign up for the Dojo of Strength?

-Anyone interested in making the fastest progress in the gym. If you are going to labor away in the gym a few hours a week, you want the maximum return on your investment.
-Anyone who wants to learn how to prepare mentally for the gym to maximize their gains.
-Anyone who wants to get the best dietary approach for gaining muscle and losing fat.
-Anyone who wants to learn how to do exercises with the maximal return by understanding proper biomechanics.
-Strength coaches who need practical applications of optimal program design. The methodologies that win medals.
-Personal trainers who have run out of ideas, who have busy schedules, and simply need fresh ideas to produce results with their clients.
-Anyone who wants to gain the mental clarity to excel in life.

What does the Dojo of Strength provide?

The Dojo of Strength provides the most efficient and effective strength training programs on the market, based on Coach Poliquin’s enormous and unmatched experience at producing Olympic medalists and World Records.

Every month I release 8 new features, you will gain access to 2 new pieces of content every week:
-new workouts every 4 weeks targeting fat loss and strength training complete with videos showing how the exercises are done using stellar technique
-nutrition information to help increase mass and burn the fat you have always wanted to get rid of
-the latest on supplements to do everything; get you jacked, increase your sleep quality, stop anxiety attacks, and more
-mental preparation cues to help you exceed past 90% of your peers in everything you do
-and much, much more

Who the Dojo of Strength is not for?

-Certified pissing and moaning losers
-Lazy Fuckers

What does it cost?

The Dojo of Strength is $47 a month for the best life changing information you will find anywhere.

How can I sign up today?

Click the button to register and start getting jacked and lean today with immediate access to the entire first.

Don’t just take my word for it, read what current Dojo of Strength members have to say.

I am so damned happy to be following these routines made available by Mr. Poliquin. Had to really curtail my training during med school, now that I have graduated I can dedicate time to intensive training. I am a fan his because his methods have scientific basis as well as evidence of real world success. There is no better way to train in my humble opinion. Anyway I am just supremely pleased and thankful to have the opportunity to participate in these routines. Life is good. – Aaron Whitten

Hello everyone! I want to take a moment to encourage everyone to sign up for the Strength Dojo when it opens up again. It has single handedly been the best investment of my adult life. As a personal trainer and firefighter my physical and mental performance are of the utmost importance to me and I am constantly trying to improve both. The following are a list of improvements I have noticed since joining the Dojo 6 months ago.
-better body composition
-higher levels of strength
-improved V02 max
-better understanding of physiology, biomechanics and anatomy
-improved cognition and memory
-improved business
-improved performance in the fire hall
-faster decision making skills
-faster problem solving skills
-lower stress
-better sleep
-higher levels of energy
-improved understanding of nutrition and supplementation
I’m positive there are MANY more benefits to joining the Dojo and cannot express enough how fortunate I am to get coaching from a personal hero and role model. Charles R. Poliquin, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope this has encouraged you all and I hope to see you all in the Dojo – Michael DeFrancesco

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