Join the Dojo of Strength

New Dojo launch is over!

Over 50 countries have joined the Dojo and are now receiving the best information available on the internet in regards to strength training, mind and body hacks, and growing a personal training business.

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Q & A

Will my credit card be automatically charged?
Yes, unless you cancel before the next billing cycle.

Can I get a refund?
Sorry no refunds on membership since you see the entire month’s material right away, but you can cancel at any time, to avoid getting charged again.

Is the price for a month or a year?
We have both options available, you can choose monthly or yearly based on your needs.

Can I become a member any time?
Sorry, you only can sign up during enrollment windows, however, we are happy to add you to our waiting list, and will ensure you are emailed when the next enrollment window opens.

Is there a Forum?
Yes, all memberships come with a Forum, specific to your membership, where you may ask any questions related to the material of your membership package.

What happens to my current Dojo membership?
As long as you become a member of any of the current packages you will keep access to al legacy Dojo content that you have already unlocked.

Does any of the content overlap?
No, each package has its own unique content, that will not be available in the other packages.