Chin-up; Facilitation Post-Tétanique
Le fait d’améliorer ses tractions a un bon transfert vers de meilleures performances sportives. Que ce soit le grappling, le canoé ou le kayak, l’amélioration des performances de l’athlète aux tractions bénéficiera à tous les sports dont le patron moteur est renforcé par les exercices de tirage du haut du corps.  On se retrouve Inévitablement
Life sends you reality checks when you least expect them. Just recently I had one when I saw that Arnold Schwarzenegger just celebrated his 70th birthday. 70 years old, the Oak? Didn’t he just win his last Mr. O like a couple of years ago? Talk about aging fast! Actually a back-to-back slap in the face
biceps, pico del bíceps
The biceps is the importanter muscle of the body, if you judge by the volume of articles and publications It certainly is the muscle group that has the most mystique, especially among young trainees chasing after the elusive biceps peak. This is in fact a good development of the long head of the biceps. Say
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twice a day workouts, deux séances par jour
For mass and strength, twice a day workouts are the way to go This is particularly true for a muscle group such as the hamstrings. To make sure you make the most out of each session however, there is a method to the madness. If you follow these guidelines for twice a day workouts, your
functional hypertrophy, hypertrophie fonctionnelle
The physique does not always represent the power it is supposed to be capable of, and vice-versa. As much as a bodybuilder looks jacked, more often than not he is not nearly as strong as you might think. They rarely if ever focus on functional hypertrophy. In fact, I’ve seen three Mr. Olympia contestants, in
Catabolism vs. Anabolism The training effect is a balance act between curtailed catabolism and nurtured anabolism. Basically, overtraining occurs when catabolism wins this tug of war. When this occurs, trainees can lose muscle mass and strength, and body weight can plummet quite dramatically. Before reaching such extremes, trainees and trainers alike must be wary of forewarning
unilateral work
Go Single Handed To Recruit More Muscle Over the years, I have found that when someone needs to specialize on their arm workouts, they benefit tremendously from starting their arm workouts with unilateral work such as One Arm Concentration Curls and One Arm Scott Curls. This might seem counter-intuitive to some of you who like
cluster sets
Cluster sets are probably one of the best methods to get strong without putting on too much size. Training with cluster sets is also very effective for improving speed and power. In that respect, it typically targets the athletic population. Yet it can be of interest to physique athletes on a strength phase. This type
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Guest blog by Annette Verpillot, President, Posturepro It has been known for many years that people with proper occlusion of your mouth have greater endurance and better performance than those with malocclusion. The alignment of the muscles of the jaw and teeth can have a direct impact on a player’s performance and strength, as the
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