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One of the best gyms in the world is my home gym,  as Joe Polish  has shown on video It is one of the top in the World and has all the best stuff from Eleiko, Watson, Atlantis and Prime. Olympic Gold medalist Helen Maroulis says that it is sprayed with strength building dust. Strength coaches who
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Guest blog by Daine McDonald, Founder of the Clean Health Fitness Institute, Australia. Over the years I have trialed and tested numerous programs on myself and with my clients Programs for strength, fat loss, hypertrophy you name it, I have experimented with it My biggest mentor with programming early on in my life was my grandfather Ken
by Moritz Klatten Champ Performance, Hamburg, Germany When coaches design a strength training program for boxers, they usually start by addressing the muscles most specific to punching power, especially the arms, chest, and shoulders. Neck training is commonly overlooked, particularly if the coach believes practicing the sport is enough to develop these muscles. The truth

Vince’s Secret Locker

I want to recommend a very good book by Karl Coyne called Vince’s Secret Locker. Everything Vince Gironda has ever written on the topic of muscle building, losing fat, and nutrition for bodybuilders.
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band training
Band training has been a staple of the training of elite powerlifters for the last 25 years. The credit goes to Louie Simmons for popularizing it in the Iron Game. However, I saw it for the first time in a French book by Lucien Demilies. And the book dates back to the thirties… Attaching bands
Charles talks about the BAMBOO BENCH®, a gym apparatus designed to let the shoulder blades move freely allowing an increase in range in pressing exercises. Stuttgart, Germany – Your Personal Strength Institute Gym
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Learn the finer technical points of doing hack squats properly. Today I am going to show you the proper way to do hack squats.   Filmed at Clean Health Performance Centre, Sydney, Australia
Here is short demo and commentary by none other than Dmitry Klokov himself. Dimitry’s commentary starts at [2:50] This extremely well-shared video was one of this week’s highlights, as it showed typical results from a Kinetic Chain Enhancement technique. Olympic Weightlifting World Champion Dmitry Klokov is providing the commentary. His appreciation of the technique comes
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Thick Grip
Coach Poliquin talks about the benefits of thick grip training and shows a few solutions to implement thick grip into your training To visit Fat Gripz website, click here
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