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Boxing may just be the last frontier in strength and conditioning. You could describe what passes for training in this sport by the children’s game Follow the Leader. Whatever the current champions are doing, especially the popular heavyweights, the contenders are sure to copy. The problem with that approach is that some boxing champions are
There are many legends in the sport of boxing The ones who get the most attention are usually the big hitters: Tyson, Foreman, Marciano, Hearns, Durán, and most recently Golovkin. Some sports writers and coaches would say that devastating punching power is a gift. Yes, talent does prevail, but the fact is that punching power
This is one of my favorite exercises for the last weeks of preparation in grappling sports such as wrestling This one is demonstrated by Victoria “Mangoose Ninja” Anthony, winner of a few international wrestling tournaments such as the Klippan Cup Basically, you pull up to 30 degrees or so, paused there for 2 seconds to
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Band training has been a staple of the training of elite powerlifters for the last 25 years. The credit goes to Louie Simmons for popularizing it in the Iron Game. However, I saw it for the first time in a French book by Lucien Demilies. And the book dates back to the thirties… Attaching bands
How and Why we use the Safety Bar Squat Today I am going to demonstrate the Safety Bar Squat and explain why we use it.   Filmed at Clean Health Performance Centre, Sydney, Australia
Final spots remain for the UK/European leg of the Again Faster Equipment and Clean Health Fitness – Institute Poliquin & Klokov ‘Training For Strength Sports’ bootcamps remain in: Manchester, UK      5-7th June Stockholm, Sweden      19-21st June  
As one ages, especially after the age of 40, strength is lost. This phenomenon is known by the term dynapenia. For example, a man 55 years young, even if he was an Olympic gold medal winner in weightlifting at 24, will typically lose 30-33% of the strength levels he had three decades before. A great
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February 28, 2014 (revised reprint, part 2) This article, written by Olympic Wrestling Coach Steve Fraser, is oriented toward wresters, but there are practical applications for any type of athletes. Part 1 covered two of the 5 elements of recovery: sleep and diet. This second part will deal with the other three: active and passive rest,
Here are a few behind the scene videos of what you can expect at an Hypertrophy Bootcamp This is what YOU will got through at an Hypertrophy Bootcamp: gut-busting workouts, personalized attention from coach Charles R. Poliquin and his elite staff, cutting edge hypertrophy methodology and the best protocols in the field Here is a sample
February 28, 2014 (revised reprint, part 1) This article, written by Olympic Wrestling Coach Steve Fraser, is oriented toward wrestlers, but there are practical applications for any type of athletes. The one thing we wrestlers and coaches know is that it takes a lot of hard work to become a strong wrestler. I don’t think