Here is the repost of my Facebook Live that took place on April 20th Did you miss it? Please like my Facebook page and select “See First” in the Following tab.   Live video I did on my Facebook page where I answered random questions.   00:18 Upcoming seminar series on Powerlifting with Stan Efferding

Vince’s Secret Locker

I want to recommend a very good book by Karl Coyne called Vince’s Secret Locker. Everything Vince Gironda has ever written on the topic of muscle building, losing fat, and nutrition for bodybuilders.
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Students from the Poliquin and Klokov – Training for Strength Sports – Toronto, Canada. What a fantastic group shot! – and lovely to see more of the ladies in these events!     Where can I attend a POLIQUIN & KLOKOV Training for Strength Sports Event?
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   The answer will be different depending on whether you want to be a plastic surgeon or a strength coach.  
Here is short demo and commentary by none other than Dmitry Klokov himself. Dimitry’s commentary starts at [2:50] This extremely well-shared video was one of this week’s highlights, as it showed typical results from a Kinetic Chain Enhancement technique. Olympic Weightlifting World Champion Dmitry Klokov is providing the commentary. His appreciation of the technique comes
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The post on which non-supplemental forms of carbs post-workout work best was very well shared and prompted loads of questions, the most popular being “which type of potato is best to reload with?”. Here is the answer on video: Coach Charles R. Poliquin
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Thick Grip
Coach Poliquin talks about the benefits of thick grip training and shows a few solutions to implement thick grip into your training To visit Fat Gripz website, click here
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grip training
In this videoo, Strength Sensei demonstrates and explains the correct execution of the Petersen Step-Up, an important exercise for the development of the vastus medialis oblique or VMO. The VMO is a part of the quadriceps and one of the most underdeveloped muscle in the body. Proper training of the VMO is a great way
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grip training
In this short video, Strength Sensei describes one of the methods to improve short term power development that will be taught in his Klokov/Poliquin Training for Strength Sports seminar series across Australia and Canada. The exercise being demonstrated is the cuban press, aka the muscle snatch. Coach Charles R. Poliquin
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