As many of you know, I’m not a big fan of traditional long slow distance aerobic cardio, especially if it is done in the totally imaginary “fat burning zone.”  I’ve already explained why I think it is a waste of time and energy, but the arguments against cardio are more numerous than that. Here are
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„Skinny Fat“ ist ein Widerspruch in sich Wie ein unterbezahlter Anwalt oder ein hochintelligentes Cheerleader „Skinny“ wird meistens mit Untergewicht in Verbindung gebracht, während „Fat“ mit Übergewicht verbunden wird. “Skinny Fat“ bedeutet, dass jemand wenig Muskelmasse und gleichzeitig einen hohen Körperfettanteil hat. Grundsätzlich kein besonders gutes Argument in der Paarungszeit. Hier zeige ich euch vier
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El término “Flaca Gorda” es una contradicción. Al igual que un abogado que gane poco o una animadora de la sociedad Mensa. El término “flaco” generalmente se asocia con peso bajo, mientras que la gorda se asocia con el sobrepeso. “Flaca Gorda” se refiere a alguien con niveles inapreciables de masa muscular junto a un
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A pessoa “magrela gorda” é un oxímoro Como um advogado que cobra barato ou uma cheerleader da Mensar A magrela é geralmente associada com alguém abaixo do peso ideal enquanto gorda é associada com alguém acima do peso ideal. A expressão “magrela gorda” refere-se a alguém com níveis insuficientes de massa muscular, associados a uma
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Physique transformation is far more organized  than a few years ago. To achieve success in this endeavor a few rules have to be followed. Below is a picture of a 10 week transformation with journalist Joe Warner. In this case, he went from human « foie gras » to a decent physique. Yes, you can polish a turd.
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Final spots remain for the UK/European leg of the Again Faster Equipment and Clean Health Fitness – Institute Poliquin & Klokov ‘Training For Strength Sports’ bootcamps remain in: Manchester, UK      5-7th June Stockholm, Sweden      19-21st June  
Not including athletes, the reason most of us exercise is to: Obtain or maintain an attractive body Stay healthy and prevent disease Yet, when you ask the majority what they’re doing to get there, they commonly answer: Running, cycling, swimming, or any other moderate-intensity steady-state aerobic activity (a.k.a. CARDIO!) This response stems from the false
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Guest blog by Rawdon Dubois, Club General Manager, Clean Health Performance Centre, Sydney City, Australia The first ever Pro Card for Men’s Physique was awarded to a Clean Health Performance Centre client at the 2014 IFBB Australian Amateur Grand Prix & Pro Qualifier earlier this year. That winner is James Cant, a 20-year-old Medical Science
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Sleep Your Way Lean

We live in a caffeinated, productivity-driven society that imposes a host of demands on us. Ever felt like you left work but work didn’t leave you because you kept thinking about it? I certainly was like that before, and focusing on my career sure took precedence over a lot of things, such as sleep. Sleep? They
One of the most common, if not THE most common question you will read on the net, or get from lifters in regards to training is, “how long should I stay on this routine?” That, or as soon as the lifter hits a bit of plateau he or she immediately begins contemplating that it’s time