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Bigger and Stronger Arms with The Post-Exhaustion Routine for Biceps – Video

Straight sets are effective for hypertrophy. Yet this biceps post exhaustion routine will generate quicker gains.

This workout is designed to create muscular micro tears. The biological stimulus will thus enhance muscle protein synthesis and pave the way towards bigger and stronger arms. As you know muscle building is an adaptative mechanism. It is the body response to an external stress. And it is safe to say that this biceps post exhaustion routine generates a fair amount of stress. As a word of caution, be aware that brushing your teeth the next day might actually prove a struggle.

Since it is highly demanding, I advocate only doing it every five days. Once you’ve done this workout for six workout in a row for your triceps it is time to move on to another one.

Biceps Post Exhaustion Superset: The Routine

A1- Weighted Chin-ups, 6-12 reps, on a 3010 tempo, 10 seconds rest

Extend the arms all the way down, contract the triceps at the bottom of the rep.

A2- Incline Biceps Curls 1 + 1/4 bottom, 6-12 reps, on a 3010 tempo, 120 seconds rest

Extend the arms all the way down, on the way up stop at a 10-15° angle, then reverse the motion and fire the triceps for a fast extension of the arms, then contract the biceps all the way up.

Take all sets to technical failure. The last reps should be hard to complete but make sure to maintain perfect form at all times.

Repeat for 5 sets.

Note expect a drop in weights with each subsequent set as fatigue builds up.

4 Principles at Work

This time effective superset routine takes advantage of several muscle building and motor unit recruitment principles.

  • Extended Time Under Tension:

The first compound exercise allows for the use of heavy weights. This works for better neural activation as well as maximum hypertrophy stimulus. While the second exercise further fatigue the muscle. “Remember, simply recruiting a motor unit doesn’t mean that it’s been stimulated. To be stimulated, a muscle fiber must be recruited and fatigued” (Zatsiorsky 1996)

  • Accentuated Eccentrics:

The eccentric portion of the movement causes the most micro tears. This will in turn generate super compensation. The one and a quarter technique doesn’t that to the T. It also extends the TUT, which benefits hypertrophy.

  • Stretch Shortening Reflex Cycle:

When a muscle is stretched prior to contraction a greater number of high threshold motor units are recruited. As you know the fast twitch fibers are the one with the most potential for growth.

  • Point of Flexion:

Hypertrophy is function of how many motor units are trained. Varying the angles and exercises allows to recruit a wide array of motor units which is highly beneficial for muscle growth.

Enjoy the gains,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin

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