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Un blog invitado por Designs for Health ¡El zinc es la clave! El zinc tiene una larga historia siendo conocido como el mineral del sistema inmune. Una nueva investigación de la Universidad Estatal de Oregón demostró que parece afectar la forma en la que el sistema inmune responde a la inflamación. Una deficiencia de zinc puede jugar un
As many of you know, I’m not a big fan of traditional long slow distance aerobic cardio, especially if it is done in the totally imaginary “fat burning zone.”  I’ve already explained why I think it is a waste of time and energy, but the arguments against cardio are more numerous than that. Here are
Many of my students own and operate superbly equipped gyms.  They are private facilities featured on this site. Also the dream of every self respecting meathead. If you want to be trained properly with great equipment, that is where you should go. However, where can you train if you just want to do a drop in
It’s being said that our stress level is a hundred times that of our ancestors just a century ago With stress being called “the illness of the 20th century”, it’s no surprise that stress management is now a trend. And what’s worse, the 21st century doesn’t seem to fare better, stress-wise. Among the many methods put forth
Science based program design and nutrition is necessary. However, it takes years before researchers catch up to clinicians. For example, the first peer review study on Cluster Training came out in 2008. The researchers called it ‘novel’. However, is sixty years old ‘novel’? This very effective method for developing relative strength was used for over
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relative strength
In many sports people want to  increase maximal strength without increasing their bodyweight. The reason could be aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, weight class sports, or aesthetics (figure skating, syncro-swimming etc..). Even though it is not in the rule books, artistic sports athletes get marked down if they are too muscular. Hence the necessity for these athletes to
mature lifter
A common question I get from the mature lifter is how to turn back time, and stay young Featured Image: Bill Pearl has always been a role model for the mature lifter   – IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN 40 YEARS OLD, YOU ARE NOT WISE ENOUGH TO COMPREHEND AND APPLY THIS. – IN CASE
In the February, 2015 issue of Applied Metabolics, I discussed whether the common practice of engaging in aerobic exercise on an empty stomach actually does lead to increased fat oxidation. This is one of the many exercise concepts that bodybuilding and fitness competitors take for granted: that doing aerobics without eating first will always lead
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Every time I adopt a big cat and post pictures on social media, I get a plethora of high horse riders posting condescending nasty comments. Obviously those comments are fueled by complete ignorance and self-righteousness. Let me make a few thing clear: 1.  Yes. Those animals should be in their natural habitats True in theory,

Vince’s Secret Locker

I want to recommend a very good book by Karl Coyne called Vince’s Secret Locker. Everything Vince Gironda has ever written on the topic of muscle building, losing fat, and nutrition for bodybuilders.
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