Tyrosine – An Amino Acid Worth Exploring

Tyrosine, an important amino acid you may not know about Like almost any nutrient, be it a vitamin, mineral, or botanical extract, amino acids are best introduced to the body via whole foods. In this way, they typically come packaged along with complementary and accessory nutrients that facilitate their absorption and fulfillment of their biochemical
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Willpower – The 3-Part Formula For Success!

By Mike Koskiniemi PhD – Motions Fitness And it all began with one small win When Jim Meyer decided to lose weight and get in better shape, he weighed 311 pounds. When asked what made him decide to change, he said: “The day I couldn’t breathe when I bent over to tie my shoes.” Since

The Myths of Calories, Part 1

A guest blog by Designs for Health There is more to weight management than just “Calories In, Calories Out” “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Though highly debatable, the general premise of this well-known and oft quoted cliché is that it is hard to break old habits and learn new ones. The same
Power lifts
Guest blog by coach Roland Jung 5 Essential Takeaways for the Achieving Excellence in the Power Lifts in Toronto A few weeks ago I took the Achieving Excellence In The Power Lifts seminar in Toronto, Canada with Charles Poliquin, Ed Coan and Matt Wenning. While both Charles and some students have already posted great summaries