A Great Routine for Upper Pec Hypertrophy

Today, we have IFBB pro Cynthia Benoit doing a routine that aims at recruiting the clavicular portion of pectoral muscles.

This part of the pec is better known in gym talk as the upper pecs.

As seen in the attached video, the giant set looks like this:

A-1) 45 Degree Incline Dumbbell Presses: 6-12 to reps on 40X0 tempo, rest 10 seconds move to A-2

Note: make sure to externally rotate the dumbbells at the bottow of the eccentric range to increase the stretch on the pecs

A-2) Incline Unrolling Flyes: 10-12  reps on 3010 tempo, rest 10 seconds then move to A-2

Note: at the bottom of the eccentric portion, you turn the palms-up towards the ceiling to increase the stretch on the pecs

A-3) Incline Cable Flyes: 10-15 reps on 3010 tempo

Rest 3 minutes, then repeat giant set three more times, resting again 3 minutes between giant sets.

For maximal results, stretching is the bottom position is key. Remember you control the weight, the weight should not be controlling you!

Enjoy the progress,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin