A Great Method to Increase Pec Size

Here a great trick I learned from him to put mass on the pecs

In the early nineties, I was very fortunate to meet Denver base exercise genius Jerry Telle, who had developped many methods to increase hypertrophy by manipulating leverage during sets.

Pick a position for flyes (flat, decline or incline).

Take a weight that will get you 8-12 R.M. in the nearly locked out arm flyes. Once you reach failure with nearly locked out arms, move the dumbbells halfway closer to the body. Go to failure in that stronger position, then move them all the way in and finish your pecs by doing standard dumbbell presses.

You can do 3 of these Jerry Telle extended sets, after doing a primary compound movement such as chest dips. Or you can pick 3 different angles on the bench and do 3 Jerry Telle extended sets.

Enjoy the growth,

Coach Charles R. Poliquin