Don’t Fall for the Organic Egg Scam

organic_eggOne the best foods nature can offer is eggs.

With good intent, many of my readers will buy so called organic eggs from the health food store or supermarket.

The reality is rather disturbing, there are no guarantees that the organic eggs are actually organic/cage free and superior in nutrient density.

Here is the reality :

1. Cage free does not mean anything really. The chicken can be running around a rubber or cement floor and living under artificial light. Being « cage free » does not mean that they go outside or even see natural light.

2. No one regulates « organic egg » or cage free eggs ». Hence, there are no standards for quality and length of time spend outside. You don’t even know if they get to peck bugs or insects from the ground, which ultimately influences the quality of the nutrients in the eggs.

3. You don’t even know if they get their beeks cut off and are subjected to the abusive practice of forced molting. To learn more about forced molting, check wikipedia on this topic

Canadian and U.K. readers will be happy to know that this cruel practice has long been erased from egg farms.

When you buy eggs from your local farmer who raises them cage free, you can immediately taste and feel the difference. They are far bigger and tastier. When I lived in Arizona, one of my gym equipment suppliers used to drop fresh duck and chicken eggs. What a difference !

Of course, I don’t have control of where you live, however you can help yourself source out quality easily, for example, the local chapters of the Weston Price Foundation can help you find where to source them near you.

Eating real eggs is a great step to help the planet be a better place. Encourage your local farmers.

Raise you eggspectations.



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