My Favorite Blogger: James Altucher


The problem with the Net is information overload.

Everyone is now an expert.

Someone skilled in SEO can pass off as an expert…  for a while!  So I asked my Facebook Fans: who do you read?

Personally, one person I love to read is James Altucher. Why? Because he has been there, failures and successes galore. Altucher has however reflected on short-comings and delivers his info in a funny succinct manner.

The reality is that most “success experts” have actually never been truly successful in a real business, they just make money on the naivety of people wishing for a better life. In the case of James Altucher it is a completely different story. His ups and downs in life look like the print out of the ECG of a dude with cardiac scar tissue, and severe arrhythmia during a treadmill test.

His greatest asset is that reading his stuff feels like someone setting you straight live. He talks to you. His book “Choose Yourself” is a must read. The government should issue copies for every 12 year old in the country, would make for a much better society.

On his website you can get lost in all the great stuff he has. So I suggest reading this blog first:

The method works, follow it. It sure helped me a lot, I am amazed on what it has done for my own life. Before you say it, yes, our dietary and exercise regimen differ, yes we both espouse being constant, driven to always make progress and take care of the temple.

If you want to be more successful, happier, motivated, enjoy life, take a daily dose of James Altucher.



Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of “Choose Yourself” from James Altucher. You won’t regret it!

Choose Yourself



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