Take a Sneak Peek at the 2015 Marbella Hypertrophy Bootcamp

Here are a few behind the scene videos of what you can expect at an Hypertrophy Bootcamp

This is what YOU will got through at an Hypertrophy Bootcamp: gut-busting workouts, personalized attention from coach Charles R. Poliquin and his elite staff, cutting edge hypertrophy methodology and the best protocols in the field

Here is a sample workout in our Marbella facility, equipped with the best brands: Watson, Atlantis and Eleiko

Shown below is a Klokov Squat in A1, followed by a Standing Leg Curl in A2.

A1 – Klokov Squat

A2 – Standing Leg Curl

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Concepts for the Refueling Day


Enjoying a hard-earned cheat meal, a.k.a refuel meal, is always good on the physique, and the mind too. But using cheat meals the right way can make or break your physique. Strangely enough, with the growing numbers of orthorexics (aka “diet … Read More